Quranic Animals

Coloring, Drawing, Puzzle, Story

Welcome to our exciting and entertaining game, where children embark on a journey of creativity, learning, and adventure! Our game is designed to captivate children's minds and showcase their artistic skills. It offers a rich and engaging experience, combining coloring, painting lessons, storytelling, and puzzles related to animals.


Various Animals

You will get to know many animals and you will play a lot. Especially the animals whose names are mentioned in the Quran

Knowing Animals

You can get to know the animals that are mentioned in the Quran, learn to draw them, color them, play their puzzles, listen to their stories and get to know their voices.


Tiny Games

Various games with the theme of getting to know animals.


1. Painting:

Let your children paint without limits

Various tools and colors are provided, from cheerful rainbows to extraordinary animals, stimulating their artistic abilities.

2. Painting Lessons:

We believe in nurturing budding artists

Our game includes interactive painting lessons that guide children step by step, teaching them essential techniques to create beautiful effects.

3. Storytelling based on Quranic Stories:

Your child not only gets entertained by exciting stories and thrilling adventures but also becomes familiar with tales derived from the Quran and Islamic narratives.

4. Animal Puzzles:

Challenge children with a variety of animal-related puzzles

From jigsaw puzzles to mental teasers, these activities are designed for both entertainment and education.

5. Educational Value:

Our game is not just entertainment

it’s a powerful educational tool that enhances creativity, fine motor skills, cognitive abilities, and animal knowledge in children.

6. Safe and Child-Friendly:

We prioritize your children's safety

providing you with a worry-free experience, ensuring a secure and safe yet exciting game for your child.

7. Age Group:

This game is suitable for preschoolers to primary school students.

8. Parental Involvement:

We recommend joining your child in this enjoyable game

It offers you the opportunity to experience joyful moments alongside your child. This close connection provides you with the closest moments and allows you to observe and support your child’s artistic and educational development.

Creator Team
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