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Bohlool Pals

An attractive and exciting game in old Baghdad

Quranic Animals

Explore creativity and learning! Unleash kids' artistry in painting activities in this game. Let their imagination take flight

Lily and smiley face zipper

An adventurous trip to the world of stories with Lily; Three fun in one set! See and read and have fun with Lily's collection!

Our Projects

A Collection of 2D Games by Professional Developers: The Best Choice for Classic Game Fans

Upcoming games

Dandoo And the Teeth Town

Defend your castle and kill the enemies in this thrilling tower defense game!


Immerse yourself in the enigmatic world of puzzles and challenges as you unravel mysteries and unlock the secrets hidden within.

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Rafed, a cultural website for everyone from children and teenagers to adults. We produce cultural content tailored to each age group, so our users can become familiar with Islamic culture and history in a safe and dynamic environment

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