Lily and smiley face zipper

Story book, animation, entertainment

Lily's story collection is a gateway to the adventurous and wonderful world of stories for happy and lively children. In this journey, accompanied by Lily, a lovable and adventurous character, children explore imaginary lands, meet amazing creatures and experience exciting events.

Unique Features

Various and interesting stories

This collection contains a wide range of educational, entertaining and adventurous stories

Lovely character

Lily, the main character of the story, quickly becomes a close friend of the children with her courage, kindness and humor.

Beautiful and catchy pictures with animation

The colorful and attractive pictures of this collection vividly portray the world of stories with animation and storytelling and make children’s imagination fly.

Fun activities

Along with the stories, there are fun activities that help strengthen children’s different skills.

Teaching moral concepts

Stories are designed in such a way that they indirectly teach moral concepts such as friendship, kindness, honesty, courage and respect to children.

Creator Team
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